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We are the best at visualizing compilation of data due to our approach

QlueWork is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for businesses to identify issues on the field accurately by involving employees participation through smartphone application to quickly and effectively handle issues. QlueWork consists of integrated mobile application and dashboard that combines various data layers in visual to be easily undestood on the dynamic map.


Capture, Upload, and Explain

QlueWork enable user to report issues and obstacle in work related field. By acquiring and inputting drilled-down information of each unit, management will be able to analyse the following informations via an easy-to-digest maps from employee’s reports, demography (gender, ethnicity, age) and interests.


Dispatch and Get Things Done

As a decision-maker, you’ll able to manage your team and resource based on their division, individual and label that they to report.


Check and Evaluate

With our API Client that we provide as long as the format following our requirement, you can add as many layer and compare it for comprehensive analysis.

Frequently Ask Question

How QlueWork works?

The user on the executor level only has to report by uploading the image of the obstacle and put a suitable label & explanation in the QlueWork smartphone application. The report will be then dispatched to another user in the responsible division as the notification to assist in solving the problem. Meanwhile, the user on the managerial level can track down all of the processes and identify the bottleneck for further analysis.

What's the suitable industry to use QlueWork?

Plantation, distribution and any kind of business that requires effective coordination.

What will happen to my data after license expiration if I don't continue with QlueWork platform subscription?

You can export your raw data into excel format, such as; reporting text, url to images, users database, report description, user comments, etc.

What do I need to use QlueWork?

QlueWork application installed in user’s smartphone
Access to QlueWork dashboard in manager’s laptop/PC
Internet Access

How can QlueWork be impactful to my business compared to current process?

Here’s the simulation of how QlueWork works compared to the current process.

Can I view my data with normal visualization other than text format in excel?

Yes, after the license expiration date, you can subscribe to QlueWork Kit Care Package in order to view the data with normal visualization.

Who own the data?

The user have full right access with the data. The platform's role is limited to visualise the data on the maps.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored on the platform's cloud storage, unless you opt to host the data on your local company's server.

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